New Traders for Year 3

It's a new year, and we've got a brand new, bigger-than-ever list of offers for all EcoGo users to spend their BetterPoints on. In addition to all of our national businesses and charities, here's what you can spend your BetterPoints on:


£5 off vouchers for all tickets (3000 BetterPoints)

IDS ☕️

Coffee (2600 BetterPoints) / Main meal (6450 BetterPoints)

Sussex Uni Food 🥙

Coffee (1500 BetterPoints)

University of Sussex Laundrette 🧺

Service wash (10000 BetterPoints)

University of Sussex Student Union 🍻

£2 off vouchers (2000 BetterPoints)

University Pharmacy 💊

£2 off vouchers (2000 BetterPoints)

Interested? Sign up using the QR below or the buttons at the bottom of the page.


Do your bit to tackle climate change at the University of Sussex

Mobile phone with betterpoints app.